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TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2018

TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2018 was empowered by the two years of experience already under our belt. Even today, we are grateful to our speakers and partners from our previous years for their support and contribution.

Kapil Dev

The year is 1983, it is the world cup final, India has lost the toss to one of the best bowling attacks in the world. 183 runs, it's not enough, but something happens- a miracle, a victory, the first for India. Led by one of the most humble cricketers to grace Indian Cricket, who would later go on to be an icon for an era. A man of utmost simplicity whether his focus on cricket or his approach to life.A captain for some, a hero for the others and a legend for everyone. One of the greatest all-rounders to have ever played the game. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Mr. Kapil Dev will be speaking at TEDxShivNadarUniversity on 18th November 2018.

Ankur Warikoo

9 months into 2018, have we fulfilled our new year resolutions? How many times this year have you found that you’ve achieved milestones (maybe learning a new skill, or discovered a passion) that you did not plan for? How do we make sense of this irony? Co-founder and CEO of a 25 billion dollar business, a prolific writer and a photographer with a taste in Physics, Mr. Ankur Warikoo has experimented with life and found an answer to this problem. With his name featured in the Fortune 40 under 40 India list twice, his self-created path towards achieving success in the entrepreneurial world has left everyone around amazed. Check out for yourself on the 18th of November how this self-made man sheds light on the reason why setting goals might be the wrong way to achieve them.

Flavia Agnes

When a women's rights advocate condemns the death penalty even in sensitive cases like the Kathua and Unnao incidents, it's bound to turn heads and raise eyebrows. Our next speaker - Ms. Flavia Agnes has done just that, and not without informed reasons. An Indian women's rights lawyer with expertise in marital, divorce and property law, Flavia is also the co-founder of MAJLIS, a legal and cultural resource center that campaigns for and provides legal representation for women on issues of matrimonial rights, child custody etc. This 18th of November, lend your ears to Flavia as she expounds the temporary nature of punishments and advocates the need for systems for social support as a lasting solution in a legal system that finds closure in punishing the offenders.

Harnidh Kaur

"Make magic of my secrets,” she says and leaves everybody astounded with her endearing honesty and courage. A person who urges people to be comfortable in their own skin, her words weaved together possess the power of changing lives. A viral poetess, a validated policy wonk, and a curator of curiosities, Ms. Harnidh Kaur has braved through life with one poem at a time. With two celebrated books under her belt already at the age of 23, Harnidh has turned her social media handles into a haven for voicing her opinions and for people like us to soothe ourselves to the comfort of acceptance. This 18th of November, witness what it is like to lose yourself to the magic of words, the charm of her poetry and let her teach you the art of asking the right questions.

Sohail Hashmi

Have you ever been to Lodhi Gardens - the popular 'picnic spot' in Delhi? Do you know it has the tombs of Sikander Lodi and Muhammad Shah? Or that the famous “Paranthe wali Gali” in Chandni Chowk was established in 1650 during the reign of the Mughal Emperor - Shah Jahan? We have somebody whose knowledge goes as far and wide as the city’s expanse and whose personality exudes the long-lost essence of Delhi. Mr. Sohail Hashmi, an academician, historian, and a filmmaker is well-known for vividly reconstructing the glorious past of the city through the immersive heritage walks that he conducts around the capital. Narrations of his lived experiences, which are interestingly inextricable from the city’s history, leave everyone craving for more. On 18th of November - hear him talk about the indispensable association between Democracy and Dissent, buried in the roots of the heritage of our country.

Roshni Nadar

Moving up in the corporate ladder often makes one focus only on their individual goals, sometimes deliberately ignoring the issues that prevail outside their immediate surroundings. Finding a successful CEO who cares just as much about the welfare of the underprivileged as they do about their business is a rarity. For our next speaker, we bring to you one such uniqueness - Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra! Having featured in the Forbes list of the world's most powerful women, she sits high in the hierarchy of a $8 billion enterprise - being the CEO and Executive Director of the HCL Corporation and at the same time is the guiding hand behind VidyaGyan - a leadership academy for the meritorious, underprivileged students of rural Uttar Pradesh. It is common knowledge that she is a social entrepreneur and a philanthropist at heart, but her fascination with wildlife is still hidden. Come, hear her out on 18th November 2018.

Yogesh Saini

Dilli is known to be a city for those with a heart and larger than life soul but in modern days everyone is constantly complaining about the smell, the air, and the litter that crowds the streets. With all the initiatives and efforts being started to clean Delhi up, an initiative deserves special mention for adding colour and culture to this downtrodden city of ours. The Delhi Street Art Gallery was started in 2013 by Mr. Yogesh Saini with the goal to add more colour to Delhi’s open spaces, give local artists a creative outlet to express themselves and to encourage citizens to keep their public spaces clean while appreciating art. And what is better than a little bit of art to feed the soul? Catch him live on the 18th of November talking about how art can make our cities more breathable and transform everything as we know it.

Karan Suri

“Patience and the right attitude. There is no perfect recipe for succeeding in investment banking, but as they say there is no substitute to hard work” Our next speaker is an investment banker by profession who is on the go all the time – travelling around the world, meeting clients and executing deals. He defines himself as a fitness enthusiast and adventure junkie and his choice of drug is adrenaline. On 18th November, he will share how he maintains a balance between his personal and professional life and why he believes in a life beyond work.

Nandita Das

Some people choose to stay within the safety of what is known and what has been down before, some choose not to fight the critics and the voices that cry foul when something is done differently. Our next speaker - Ms. Nandita Das is not either of those people. An Actress and Director who has dared to defy the norms to set conventions and silver screens on fire. Over 40 feature films across 10 languages and two directional ventures 'Firaaq' and 'Manto' with some of the most talented artists in India, she has received over 20 awards and has twice been on the jury of the Cannes Film festival. A social activist and no stranger to social controversy, she has often been the sole voice for silenced figures. This 18th of November hear her delve into the importance and intricacies of empathy at TEDxShivNadarUniversity.

NG Jayasimha

They say we are all a product of nature, and that we can only exist peacefully in harmony. The coexistence is so beautifully designed - that we are as dependent on our animals and our plants as they are on us. Our next speaker – Mr. N.G. Jayasimha understands the need for balance and says that it is about time we started treating our animals with the respect that they deserve. He is the Managing Director of the Humane Society India and in addition to serving on several committees for various government ministries, Jayasimha has been an integral part of monitoring committee set up by the High Court of Bombay to control illegal trade in wildlife in India. Come, hear him talk on the 18th of November about how technology and innovation can be used to enhance the lives of our animals, and ours as well in return.

Shoma Chaudhury

In a nation that boasts of unparalleled diversity, there exist myriad faces of politics and uncountable individualities. Here is a lady who has spent her entire professional career exposing political truths via commentary and presenting public figures in a new light and highlighting counter-narratives through conversations. One of 150 women ‘who shake the world’, our next speaker is no other than the dauntless Shoma Chaudhury. An awarded journalist, the founder and former editor of Tehelka is also the director of Algebra, which brings together topline thinkers from diverse backgrounds for an exchange of ideas. At a time when the definition of what constitutes good journalism grows ever wider, more and more journalists fail to realize the predatory mob they are breeding in themselves. This 3rd Sunday of November, watch Shoma discuss the consequences of the actualization of such a mob.

Vasu Primlani

Where do we go looking for a rapist? What do we do to a rapist once we find him? What causes rape? How can we find a solution to this problem? Is there a solution to this problem? Vasu Primlani is one of the most prominent somatic therapists, who has been notably working with rape victims and rapists. She is also a social entrepreneur, actor, environmentalist, besides being a dedicated triathlete and one of India’s leading stand-up comedians. As a ‘rape prevention and rehabilitation’ specialist, she has dedicated an extensive amount of time and effort to studying the ‘rape epidemic’ which plagues our nation. Out to change a system that is busy educating the victim about how to prevent a crime from happening to her, Vasu Primlani contends that violence breeds violence and the only way to truly prevent rape is to prevent a rapist from being made. On 18th November 2018, hear Ms. Primlani share her learnings and speak to the reality of societal addressal of the problem of rape through rapists.

Aditya Bhandari

Poetry is simple. You breathe in your grief, you breathe out a string of words coined together imitating life. It's not always rhymes, format, tune and verses, poetry is just simple expression and we often tend to forget that. To make us remember poetry in its true form - raw, we have with us Mr. Aditya Bhandari who is a spoken word poet and the founder of ‘Free the Verse’.

“Beam your own unique frequency everyday, let others climb to your bandwidth”, he says. Allow him to perform his enchanting musings for you this 18th of November at TEDxShivNadarUniversity.

Suman & Aarshi

It is said salsa as a dance form is an intricate art – performed more in sync with the partner's tunes than your own. This 18th of November, we bring to you the very first live Salsa performance in the history of our campus by the powerful duo - Suman and Aarshi from Delhi Salsa Club! Having performed in shows like India’s Got Talent, Dance India Dance, and having won competitions like the India International Dance Congress, they excel at adding a unique grace and elegance to the fiery and explosive art of salsa. They are here to enthrall you with endless spins and grins and dazzle with daring dips and flips. Watch out as they put the TEDxShivNadarUniversity stage on fire like never before!

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

Her music, like herself, can’t be classified to a specific genre or domain. She elegantly juggles between Indian classical music as well as RnB and Broadway, but she says her heart was swept away by Jazz at an early age. A performer who has made magnificent strides in the Delhi music circuit and has captured people’s hearts, she has conquered every genre – from Johnny Cash’s song ‘Wayfaring Strangers’ to AR Rahman in her live performance at Berklee. She is no other than the very talented Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. This 18th of November, allow Sanjeeta to enchant you with her passion and intoxicating voice.

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