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TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2016

TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2018 is empowered by the two years of experience already under our belt. Even today, we are grateful to our speakers and partners from our previous years for their support and contribution.

Amrita Mahale

Amrita Mahale is an alumnus of Stanford University who has worked with major companies like Google, Boston Consulting Group, Good Earth and Pocket Gems. After a decade of working in the corporate industry, she realized that her true passion was writing, and turned to it. About to publish her first book now, the rocket scientist turned author believes in following your passion, no matter what. In her talk, she discusses the struggles she faced in quitting her job at the age of 31 and picking up a pen. She helps us answer some of the questions we are afraid to face every day, but which follow us wherever we go.

Anahita Dhondy

Anahita Dhondy is one of the youngest female chefs in Delhi. An alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu, London, she did her training from The Bombay Baking Company at JW Marriott. She is the Chef Manager of NCR’s first Parsi Restaurant: The SodaBottleOpenerWala. She has brought to life the unique flavors of the Parsi cuisine through creative and innovative recipes, inspired from her great grandmother’s secret ingredients. Her talk revolves around her rich Parsi heritage and the pivotal role of food in the culture. She also talks about sexism and being at the top of a male dominated industry.

Isher Ahluwalia

Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia is a renowned Indian Economist and a Padma Bhushan awardee,. She is the Chairperson, Board of Governors of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). She is a B.A. (Economics) from Presidency College, Kolkata, M.A. (Economics) from the Delhi School of Economics and awarded Ph.D. by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is the also an author and received the Batheja Memorial Award for the best book on the Indian economy in 1987. Her talk is about the pivotal role of economics in today's society, and how it governs every small aspect of our lives, from the most insignificant decisions to the most crucial ones.

Karuna Nundy

One of the most prolific advocates of the Supreme Court of India, Karuna Nundy has tackled some of the most challenging cases in recent Indian history. She has fought for justice for the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, fought for online free speech and has also contributed to the drafting of the anti-rape laws post the 2012 gang rape. She is also a commercial lawyer, and has worked at international tribunals, along with United Nations. Karuna is a graduate of Cambridge University, and has completed a fellowship at Columbia University. She is one of India’s leading and finest human rights lawyer, who has dedicated her life to protecting others’.

Laura Quinn

Laura Quinn is the founder and managing director of the creative startup Do One Thing, a boutique consulting firm which aims to drive a new generation conscious business. The business is a part management consultancy, social think tank and creative agency, and enables companies to put social responsibility at the heart of corporate strategy and create future facing solutions that deliver measurable value and inspire action- for business and society. Laura has led CSR Communications for Punj Lllod, corporate partnerships for the British Council, and strategic planning for The Coalition. In this brilliant talk, hear Laura speak about how doing things wrong is changing business and the world, for the better.

Pavitra Mohan

avitra Mohan is the director of AMRIT health initiative of the Aajeevika Bureau. He is also a successful pediatrician and public health professional. With extensive clinical, training and research experience of over eighteen years, he is one of the most brilliant minds in the country. He has provided his medical experience in multiple areas, including a leading NGO in south Rajasthan. He has also worked with UNICEF. In this talk, he speaks about the malnutrition levels in India and Sub Saharan Africa, and why, contrary to popular belief, the former has double the malnutrition levels than the latter.

Pernia Qureshi

Pernia Qureshi is a 27-year-old Indian fashion entrepreneur whose foray into films has been lucky. As the woman behind Sonam Kapoor's chic look in the critically acclaimed movie Aisha (2010), Pernia oozes exuberance and is the quintessential stylist. A trained Kuchipudi dancer and a disciple of the renowned Raja Radha Reddy, Qureshi started her career in New York as a fashion stylist and costume designer. Apart from having worked as a stylist for Harper’s bazaar, Elle and Conde Nast, her website, Pop-up Shop showcases the works of over 100 designers. In this performance talk, she shows her skills as a Kuchipudi dancer, and talks about her journey.

Ramesh Menon

Ramesh Menon is a renowned journalist. He is the Managing Editor of Indian Legal and Views on News, along with being an author and award-winning journalist. He is also a documentary filmmaker and corporate trainer. With an experience of over thirty-nine years of varied media experience with newspapers, television channels and the new media. In this talk, he speaks about the joys of writing, his experience with journalism as a career, and his feature on plantations that rewarded him.

Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

Co-CEO at IRIANS, Raul Villamarin Rodriguez is a Criminal Intelligence Officer at Interpol and Mossad, Neuroscientist, Psychophysiologist who is rated Asia's Top Expert in the Science of Detecting Deception and among the Top 25 Globally recognized authorities on Deception, Detection, Psychophysiology, Fraud Examination, Business Communication, Fraud Analysis, Analysis Of Emotions, Emotional Footprinting, Criminal Profiling and Analytical interviewing. Raul is relevant experience in several cases regarding criminal and terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Boko Haram. In addition, he is involved in various international organizations such as Rotaract Club, Rotary International, UN Youth, the European Union and BNI (Business Networking International) In this talk, he speaks about the license to kill; the myths and realities.

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman

Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman is the Program Director of Special Initiatives in IBM Research - India. His life since 2008 has been devoted to research and innovation. Until recently, he was the Chief Scientist at IBM Research - Australia, and before that was Senior Manager of the Next Gen Systems & Smarter Planet Solutions Department, and Senior Researcher at IBM India Research Labs Bangalore. After having achieved great success in his field, he decided to pursue his childhood passion of music. He currently also manages a huge compendium of Carnatic music resources. In this talk, he speaks about his journey and the perseverance that goes into leading a path of your heart’s desire.

Udayan Baijal

Udayan Baijal is a producer at the Jamun Collective, an independent film production house dedicated to creating stories that are visually engaging, thought provoking and relevant. Udayan has a background in international feature films, including Zero Dark 30, Batman-The Dark Knight Rises, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Udayan has worked as the Visual Effects Assistant Director on Ang Lee's Life of Pi. He has also worked in post-production as an assistant editor on Slumdog Millionaire in London and in digital distribution at Emerging Pictures, New York. In this talk, he speaks about the beauty of storytelling through film, and how powerful films have shaped our culture and identity.

Vaibhav Mehta

Vaibhav Mehta is a renowned photographer and filmmaker. He has worked on multiple films and documentaries, along with several independent projects. A travel enthusiast, he loves to indulge in creativity and his work portrays the journey that he has taken. He specializes in lifestyle and interiors photography for leading brands in the country. In his talk, he speaks about how travel broadens one's horizons and helps us experience beauty, along with discussing some of his best works.

Jagdeep Chhokar

Former Director In-charge of Indian Institute of Management, Prof. Jagdeep S. Chhokar is a citizen-activist for improving governance in the country. Before becoming a professor he was an engineer-manager with the Indian Railways, and worked as an international marketing manager for four years. He is a trained lawyer and is one of the founding members of Association for Democratic Reforms. His interests range from human resource management and international business to bird-watching. He has also taught at Universities in Australia, France, Japan and the US. And adding another feather to the hat, he has also contributed chapters to edited books, has written several teaching cases and has been featured in public press.

Karan Singh

A magician, or more accurately, a psychological illusionist, Karan Singh is a name that is well known in the field of magic. A speaker at quite a few TEDx conferences, he likes to experiment with magic, read minds, and most importantly, detect lies! A versatile being, he also dabbles in the field of music by playing the flute and the piano. He loves to call himself an illusion. In this brilliant performance talk, he speaks about his struggles during school days, his choice of an unconventional career, and his journey from then on, ending on a magical note.

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