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Kavitha Emmanuel
Anti Colorism Activist

From comments like “You are so pretty for a dark-skinned girl “, to watching commercials and films that put out the idea of the main character always having light skin ,we all know just how prevalent colourism is. Kavitha Emmanuel, founder of “Women of Worth” and the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign, decided to take this matter into her own hands, when she recognised the need for a platform where people could connect, express and learn to appreciate their true self, in every single shade. She started the campaign in 2009, and has ever since been motivating women and young girls all across India, to embrace themselves and to challenge the much-flawed notion that only "fair is lovely”.

Story Teller, Spoken Word Artist

Vanika Sangtani, or you may know her as Caira from her Instagram account with more than 360k followers is a 22 year old Storyteller, Spoken Word artist and Travel influencer, her stories have reached millions of people through her Social Media platforms. She was also featured in the first spoken word film streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. She has been the founder of various statups and loves starting new projects whenever she feels like it! Vanika places huge importance on gaining experiences, and tries to live her life to the fullest.

Illustrator, Political Artist

“There are two distinct languages. There is the verbal, which separates people and there is the visual that is understood by everybody”, said Yaacov Agam, a famous sculptor. Art is indeed transformative, and it’s the best way to express one’s inner dialogue. It brings people together and gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless. Meet Chinab, an Instagram illustrator, who uses her platform to create art with strong messages. She makes art inspired from art, from poetry and music to installations, that resonate with her.

Prachi Thakur
Diversity Strategist, Researcher and Trainer, World Women Tourism

What comes to your mind when you first think of tourism? Beaches and mountains? Most of us love going on little get-aways, exploring new places, and chilling our normal life stresses away. But have you ever wondered what happens behind closed doors, in the industry that makes all your vacation fantasies come true. The tourism industry employs about 39 million Indians. According the United Nations World Tourism Organisation report, the tourism industry employs women almost twice as many as men; however, women professionals earn less than their male counterparts for the same work.

Ritika Khatnani
Miss Supernational Asia 2022, Model, Dancer, Actor

Pageantry has been a field under wraps to most folks, but what if we told you we’re bringing to you someone who’s seen that world of glitz and glamour from the inside? Winning her first national title in 2018 and participating in an international level pageant the same year, Ritika Khatani is someone who’s seen this field with her coming of age. Having won Miss Supranational Asia 2022, this young and vibrant model is here to make a mark. And we’re delighted to have her as part of our lineup.

Himanshu Rai
Author, Media Influencer

Aren't we all a bibliophile deep inside? Don't we all see through the looking glass of a magical world? We all had grew up with RomCom books and gushed over the books through the pages. What if you can now meet the author who creates worlds of different genres? The author is none other than Himanshu Rai. Himanshu Rai's journey began with start-ups, not just that but his ideas were leading ahead of time. Leaving all the start-ups, he then became an author who's known for writing different genres. His most famous work is "you are still the one".

Sudhir R
India's first flute beatboxer,
Semifinalist in Asia's Got Talent

His performances leave entire stadiums awestruck and breathless- we introduce to you our third speaker, Sudhir R, India’s first Fluteboxer! A semifinalist on Asia’s Got Talent, Sudhir has performed on multiple TV networks. Fluteboxing, or flute beat-boxing, involves producing two separate sounds by humming while blowing into the flute. It is a combination of classical and hip-hop style music, and a mix of percussive and woodwind sounds. Alongside his talk, Sudhir R will be showcasing his flute performance, mixing his Hindustani classical learnings with his passion for beatboxing- resulting in a skillful, delightful combination.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai
Padma Shree Awardee, Dr. BC Roy Awardee
Passionate Cricketer turned Doctor

Renowned for his proficiency in pediatric nephrology and neonatology, Dr. Sanjeev Bagai is a pediatrician and medical administrator. Awarded with the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2006 for his contributions to medical science in India, he went on to receive the Dr. B.C. Roy Award in 2008, the highest honour that can be achieved by an Indian medical professional. Sanjeev Bagai is the Chairman of Nephron Clinic and has formerly been the Vice Chairman, Director, CEO and Dean of leading corporate chain of hospitals.

Priyanshu Grover
Lawyer, Founder and CEO of Aspirant Learning

Priyanshu Grover targets the future of our world, being the CEO-Founder of India's fastest growing educational enterprise, Aspirant Learning. He boasts being the winner of IIT Roorkee’s Innovision, Harvard Act2Impact and being the Editor-in-chief of "Academia Sirius", a multidisciplinary research venture. Not to mention that he is a lawyer who studied at Symbiosis Law School. Mr. Grover is all about hardwork and drive!

Nafisa Rachel William
Celebrity Designer & Stylist
Heirloom Restoration

Nafisa Rachel William is a celebrity stylist and Designer by profession, Nafisa Rachel Williams claims that nobody is a misfit and that everyone can create their own identity in life- just like she created hers. She firmly believes that fashion is an expression of individuality.

Vineet Panchhi
Poet & Film Maker
A true Misfit

Vineet Panchhi, a man of many talents, started as a chef then went into advertising, operations, marketing and finally into music, founding Jingles India! Through a range of goodwill projects such as “You Matter” and “Democracy Digital” , he is playing his part in making our surroundings a better place to be in. From a teenage dreamer to a real world visionary, Mr. Panchhi’s story is one to tune in to.


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Anurag Vashisht
Singer - SongWriter, StoryTeller

Anurag Vashisht is one who struggled to build up his career but never stopped! He has become an extraordinarily talented Singer – Song Writer, Performer, and a Music Composer hailing from the beautiful town of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. He strings melodies in genres like Sad Indie music and Mellow Pop music. He made his debut in the music industry at a young age of 18 years. The essence of his music lies in his personal life experiences. His music creates a very calm, soft, and soothing aura which vibes with his mountaineer background. He is known for his music Tum Na Rahi.

Brindali Patel
Bharatnatyam Dancer, Gujrat Government Awardee

She's the kind of girl they make movies about- a CBI intern by day and a classical dancer later the same day. Meet Brindali Patel (@brindalipatel_07 ), a sensational Bharatnatyam dancer. For the past 16 years, she has been training and practicing under Guru Smt. Maheswari Nagarajan at Nritya Kala Kendra, Ahmedabad. Not only has she done well for herself academically , finishing her masters in Forensic Sciences and landing an internship at CFSL CBI, she has also made her mark in the world of dance. Her grace and elegance earned her the Kal K Kalakar' Award from Gujarat Rajya Sangeet Natak Academy, Government of Gujarat. Her renditions are emotionally charged and have the ability to arouse both the mind and the soul.


November 20, 2022


G Block Auditorium,
Shiv Nadar University

00 SEC